Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's your generation?

This image is the results of a graphic quiz published by USA Today. The reader starts by being told the quiz can predict when the reader was born based on their memories of current, cultural, and sports events, among other things. The reader starts the quiz and is asked eight questions. For example, I was asked what was the most popular movie of the choices given when I was growing up. I was looking for "Titantic" but had to chose "Toy Story" because it was the choice from my childhood (I remember watching "Toy Story" over and over with my brothers when we were little). At the end of the quiz, the graphic above was given. The quiz guesses I was born about 1980, which is wrong by almost a decade.

I think part of what threw this quiz off was 1. my memory and 2. my choices on the quiz. First, my memory proved me wrong because I chose Mary Lou Retton as the first athlete I remember. I thought she was the gymnast from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics who was injured (who I now know is Kerri Strug). That threw off the results because she was at the 1984 Olympics and I wasn't even born yet! Second, my choices didn't always allow me to answer correctly. When I was asked what TV show was popular when I was in high school, I wasn't given a TV show that was popular when I was in high school. The graphic at the end of the quiz lists "American Idol" and "The O.C.", which I would have chosen if I had been given those as choices. Instead, I had to choose "The Real World" because it was the most recent TV show offered. This made it seem to the quiz that I was in high school in the early 1990s. These elements changed the outcome of the quiz and made it wrong. But in the end, I found it interesting and will pass it along to my family and friends to see if they have better results than I do.

This graphic is neat because I didn't understand what the images on the top of the graph meant. When I ran my cursor over it, an explanation of that generation popped up and the image made sense. The red line that goes down the graph is not explained - and I think it could use an explanation. When the red dots are clicked on (which are the answers I chose), a window pops up with a video or audio file about the item and a quick paragraph. I like how this results graphic is interactive but there are parts that can be improved within the quiz and the graph.

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