Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Worker Deaths and Injuries

This chart shows Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad's record for worker deaths and injuries. It cannot stand alone because the abbreviations of BNSF and EOD are not explained. Also, I think the last row of numbers ('Cases with days absent from work') should be set apart from the rest of the information. This should be done because it is not related to the numbers that add up above it. Interactivity and enhancement would not be possible because this is straight data.

North Korea & WikiLeak's Secret Cables

This map from the New York Times (published Dec. 6, 2010) shows the information the NYT found in the secret cables that WikiLeaks recently released. I like how the NYT broke the information down into categories and put each category on its own map. If these maps had been combined, the arrows would have been very distracting. The countries highlighted would have been indistinguishable for different categories. I think the simpleness of different maps tremendously helps what this infographic is trying to portray. Interactivity would have been overwhelming.